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Win Berry

Win Berry August 31st 1928 - January 6th 2009.

My Mum. She was born and bred in Bletchley and lived in the town all her life. She went to school at Bletchley Road School (now Leon) and for the early part of her life she worked in Sketchleys and WH Smith. After she got married, she became a full time housewife and after a couple years, mother. She was always at home when I came home from school, and she always seemed to be cooking. That was because she promised Dad when they got married, that she would never put his food in the oven, under another plate to get rings around it. She liked to garden and she knitted all the time. In the latter part of their marriage, she and Dad travelled quite a bit, to the States and the Far East. She was always there for us and it was horrible to see what a vibrant happy person could become when the pernicious cancer took hold. She was stoical and never complained when she was in pain, but the blessing is, she was never really in great pain at the end. The pictures don't do her justice, but that's my fault, not hers. I miss you Mum, gone but always in my heart

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Mum Mum & dad Christmas Eve At home 80th birthday 80th birthday

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